Jonathan Michels chronicles the awkward birth of Winston-Salem’s first needle exchange and how it’s helping bring opioid addicts out of the shadows in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Redevelopment of Gateway Center likely to raise rents for artists

Rhetoric at Kernersville meeting dovetails with Trump agenda

From mosque discussed at anti-Muslim meeting, an invitation to fellowship



• Editorial: Russian to judgment

• It Just Might Work: Calling for a dwarf season

• Editor’s Notebook: I need (to be) a hero



• Citizen Green: A Muslim-Catholic encounter in Clemmons

• Sportsball: Measuring baseball tradition during a Wake Forest win

• Triaditude Adjustment: ‘I need that record, I need it now, now, now’



taco-and-torta-at-mi-taqueria-high-point-mexican-food• Food: On the comeback from Cancún to Mi Taqueria

• Barstool: Your personal bartender at Table 16

• Music: Grammy-winning duo Twenty One Pilots sells out coliseum

• Art: Art and protest converge in response to Triad billboard


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