Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg provides a primer on protesting for those who are jumping into activism in the new era of Trump in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Battle brews over Winston-Salem’s proposed ‘welcoming city’ resolution

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg takes his roadshow to NC A&T University



• Editorial: Greensboro: The Tournament-less Town

• Editor’s Notebook: Night moves




• Citizen Green: Lesson of ’79: How to keep going after the worst

• Sportsball: Gene Banks wields sport and spirituality

• Triaditude Adjustment: New York City keeps you runnin’




potato-and-chees-pierogis-with-onion-at-cin-cin-burger-bar• Food: My pierogi-tive for going to Cin Cin

• Barstool: Movement against a rigged beer distro system grows

• Music: Robots invade the Garage, bringing Russian ramblings

• Art: Gender-bending with the Sisters of Salem College


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