Like hip hop, the birth of the video game can be traced to the ’70s, and the genre reached its golden age in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey, aka the Original Gamer, was there, as he explains in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


B• ‘Welcoming city’ resolution clears committee vote in Winston-Salem

Needle exchange ordinance goes back to the drawing board

Police accused of excessive force against 15-year-old at Fun Fourth



• Editorial: The Affordable Care Act, by any other name

• Trump’s America: Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing

• Editor’s Notebook: At UNCG vs Syracuse, Pretty Ricky has his moment



• Citizen Green: Trump’s lies are beginning to catch up with him

• Sportsball: ‘Blue-collar hockey’ returns to the Triad

• Triaditude Adjustment: Spring cleaning with Poshmark for fun and profit



a-napoletan-pizza-at-cugino-forno-in-revolution-mill• Food: A revolution at the mill, pizza-style

• Barstool: House Divided bridges groups, fan loyalties

• Music: With ‘Object Loop,’ dance troupe, guitarist and light artist meld forms

• Art: Variety on display at Hand-to-Hand Market


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