In a region chock full of universities, the awesome factor of commencement speakers is one way to sort the institutions out. Executive Editor Brian Clarey sorts it all out in this week’s Triad City Beat This Week cover story.


Check-in with ICE leads to order to leave country after 20 years

Winston-Salem moves toward doubling fares for disabled riders

Militant anti-Klan protesters march through downtown Asheboro

City releases police video to contextualize arrest after citizen video goes viral


• Editorial: Police videos are always in the public interest

• It Just Might Work: The early rock show

• The List: 5 city council statements on Jose Charles incident (+ 1 non-response)

• Editor’s Notebook: Chris Flathers: The fastest hands in Greensboro


• Citizen Green: Rural resistance, or ‘red’ doesn’t only mean GOP

• Sportsball: A Deacon golf roundup as teams head to NCAA regionals

• Triaditude: The beauty, frustration and pretension of art


• Food: Taking stock of what our food scene still lacks

• Barstool: Two local distilleries bring home gold

• Music: Titus Gant Quartet showcases students with jazz premier

• Art: At MFA thesis exhibit, Charles Williams stands out

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