Triad City Beat This Week: Nov. 2, 2016



The staff at Triad City Beat surveys the taco scene in the Triad, from street style to gringo style and bougie, with bonus material about the great taco vs. burrito controversy and Editor in Chief Brian Clarey’s neighborhood taco truck in this week’s cover story.


pickFirst lady pumps Democratic voters in first campaign stop with Clinton

Legal battle to outlaw segregated hospitals recognized




screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-4-22-28-pm• Editorial: Generational divide: Boomers, Millennials and GenX

• It Just Might Work: Clearly-posted early-voting 

• Editor’s Notebook: Halloween on Old Long Island



Sportsball header• Citizen Green: James Comey: Ticket-splitter in chief?

• Sportsball: Army football triumphs at Wake Forest homecoming

• Triaditude Adjustment: Love vs. hate on the campaign trail



local-honey• Food: Renaissance Co-op opens, filling considerable void

• Barstool: Local Honey Salon

• Music: Female-fronted band channels eco-justice, Latin folk and grunge

• Art: ‘How Do You See Me? forces introspection


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