Anthony Harrison checks out the scene at Super FamiCon in downtown Greensboro in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


15032167_10210025256820582_5828029266032936020_nUnfazed by Trump upset, Democratic leaders stick with Obama coalition

Music, Pokémon Go communities converge to support assault victim



Laura_Aull• Editorial: Recountapalooza

• Fresh Eyes: A call for explanatory writing in an era of uncivil discourse

• Editor’s Notebook: Sweet November



broadway• Citizen Green: A path to ending the partisan gerrymander

• Sportsball: Broadway builds on coaching Aggies

• Triaditude Adjustment: Check yes or no



img_1936• Food: How Bart Ortiz became a total potato head

• Barstool: The boozy hot chocolate experiment

• Music: From Greensboro to Charlotte, to Sundance and back

• Art: Filmmaker brings new type of funk to screen


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