The most insane election any of us can remember is in the books now (we hope), and it’s a good time to take stock of the fact that most of our lives don’t revolve around the question of who occupies the White House. The people who make America great are the unsung heroes — extraordinary people like Ralph Speas, whose fascinating life is chronicled by Editor in Chief Brian Clarey in this week’s Triad City Beat feature story.


michael-tyler-bottom-greeting-a-voter-credit-jordan-greenForsyth voters retain local incumbents in topsy-turvy national election




Editor's Notebook header• Editorial: What comes next for the GOP

• It Just Might Work: End loose-leaf pickup

• Editor’s Notebook: On election eve, considering the source



o-mean-girls-facebook• Citizen Green: A black history that demands engagement

• Sportsball: Stingers for the Swarm

• Triaditude Adjustment: Mean girls suck



img_4371• Food: Antojitos las Delicias delights with tacos, more uncommon finds

• Barstool: Last call

• Music: Totally Slow, Bronzed Chorus celebrate new releases

• Art: Sweeney exposes the truth behind childhood lies

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