As Saddam Hussein might have said, this is the mother of all elections. It’s not just the presidential election: For the first time since 2008, there’s also a governor’s race and a US Senate race on the ballot — and they’re all razor thin. Our editors have compiled a comprehensive guide to everything on the ballot, from Clinton v. Trump all the way down to local bond referenda for the this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


img_4227Awkward stances on criminal justice reform by both governor hopefuls

Pence to Republicans: ‘Come home’




Nicole_Crews_01• Editorial: 2016 election tears at NC’s seams

• Fresh Eyes: Lessons from knocking on thousands of doors

• Editor’s Notebook: Farewell Crews




lucia-mcbath• Citizen Green: On tour, Jordan Davis’ mom defends Clinton’s record

• Sportsball: Go! Cubs! Go!

• Triaditude Adjustment: Adele, heartbreak and things worse than breaking up


swedebread-budding-artichoke• Food: ‘Arranged marriage’ preserves Swedish treats, launches ‘clean grocery’

• Barstool: A peek inside the police club

• Music: On the road with new songs, Bombadil finds parallel paths and sudden forks


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