3. High Point

High Point takes third place again this week, but this time it’s for a reason, and not just because it’s High Point. City Manager Strib Boynton, who was investigated for a grievance filed by Human Relations Director Al Heggins, stepped down this week with no “apologies or regrets,” effectively ending the investigation. Got a nice retirement package, too.

2. Winston-Salem

There’s a primary election on Tuesday, but you might not know it in Winston-Salem, where just a small percentage of the slated races will directly affect the city, and though many of the winners of these primaries will run uncontested in November, I’m betting the turnout rate will be below 10 percent. Prove me wrong, Winston-Salem.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro takes the title this week because the impending primary has a lot of action affecting the city, but also because I believe, based on instinct and research, voters here will exceed the 10 percent mark. Prove me right, Greensboro.

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