2. Winston-Salem

For this week’s ranking, we turn to the Brookings Institution, which documented 15 US cities where poverty has been expanding the fastest, annotated at businessinsider.com. Winston-Salem took No. 8 (tied with Austin and Indianapolis) on the list, right behind Provo, Utah. Winston-Salem saw an 80 percent growth in its population of poor people since 2000.

1. Greensboro-High Point (tie)

The study lumped together Greensboro and High Point into one metro area and dropped them at No. 10 on the list, with an increase in poverty of 77 percent. The study reports that 19 percent of Greensboro residents live in poverty.

Honorable Mention: Charlotte and Raleigh

While not in the Triad, Charlotte and Raleigh, the other North Carolina cities on the list, tied at No. 3, with 97 percent population growth among their poor.

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