3. High Point

We’re applying the criteria of noteworthy college alumni to the Triad Power Ranking this week (for more, see this week’s cover story beginning on page 16), and in that sense High Point ranks last. In doing the research, we noted that the most celebrated college graduate from that city may very well be Nido Quebein himself, president of High Point University.

2. Greensboro

Who knew that Emmylou Harris went to UNCG? Or that Guilford College produced a basketball star in World B. Free? NC A&T University also has an impressive slate of grads, like the first black astronaut Ron McNair.

1. Winston-Salem

But the Camel City boasts the most impressive list of accomplished college graduates. Louis Farrakhan went to Winston-Salem State, as did Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. But the real muscle comes from Wake Forest University, with graduates such as Arnold Palmer, both of our state’s US senators among other former and sitting politicians, a couple of Olympians, the guy who played Archie Bunker and a former associate of the Gambino Crime Family. That fancy Wake degree may well be worth it.

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