Triad Power Ranking: Dec. 30, 2014


3. High Point

We’ve been ranking the cities of the Triad each week since our first issue, based on statistical analysis, current events and fleeting emotions. To complete the year-end tally we’ve awarded two points for first place, one point for second and nothing for third. Predictably, the Third City comes in… third, with a few wins but many zeroes in the High Point column. Final score: 34.

2. Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem had a great 2014, with 19 First Place finishes. But a run in Third Place this spring nudges the Camel City into the middle slot with a final score of 48.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro had just 14 First Place finishes this year, fewer than Winston-Salem, but almost always managed to finish in the money of these weekly rankings. A strong run of Second Place finishes gives Greensboro the top score of the year at 49, beating out Winston-Salem by a single point. Surely the Greensboro Partnership will be using this as a recruitment tool by February.