3. High Point

We’re ranking our cities by the originality of their nomenclature this week, by which we mean we’re scouring the internet looking for places with the same name. High Point, a fairly generic appellation, is shared by nine different towns, neighborhoods, locales and a township in Iowa. High Point, Mo. makes our own High Point look like a metropolis, an unincorporated piece in the middle of the state with just one church, one school and a population of about 5,000.

2. Greensboro

Greensboro makes the cut for second place with just seven other communities that share the name, though the Triad city is the biggest of the bunch. Greensboro, Md. has just 1,800 residents. Greensboro, Fla. has 600 or so. Greensboro, Ind. has fewer than 200. Greensboro, Pa. sounds nice, right on the banks of the Monongahela River, though it must not be that great because only 250 people live there.

1. Winston-Salem

Here are the facts: There are nine geographical entities in the United States named Winston — the closest an unincorporated tract in Georgia and the furthest a small dot in New Mexico where just 61 people live. And 33 places in the country are named Salem, dropping all over the map, though the most famous may be the village in Massachusetts where the witch trials took place. But there is only one Winston-Salem, putting the city in first place for the week.

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