3. High Point

The city of High Point has 15 trucks for use in plowing snow and spreading salt on hand to cover about 225 miles of roads. They keep 560 tons of salt on hand, and went through almost half of it on Tuesday.

2. Greensboro

The Triad’s biggest city falls short in the snowplow department, with just 45 city trucks used for plowing and salt distribution over 700 miles of roads, fewer than Winston-Salem. But the Gate City keeps 3,000 tons of salt on hand in case of snow, the most in the Triad.

1. Winston-Salem

The city website page describing Winston-Salem’s winter-storm resources lists 25 push-plow trucks, 25 salt spreaders and three brine tanks, with a stockpile of about 2,000 tons of de-icing salt. This is to cover 1,020 miles of roads. Nobody does snow days like Winston-Salem.

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