3. Winston-Salem

There’s a crisis looming on the horizon that you won’t hear about much from legacy media because they’re up to their elbows in it. We’re talking about the Baby Boomer generation that began with a slew of births in 1946 and lasted until around 1964. The Boomers are living long lives, and they’re starting to get old. In Winston-Salem, the 65-plus population reached 12.5 percent in 2010 at the last Census, the highest of the Triad cities.

2. High Point

In High Point, an even 12 percent had 65 years or more at the last Census, putting them below the state average of 12.9 percent. But Boomers are about 25 percent of the total US population, which will strain city resources and prune-juice supplies as they enter old age.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro had the lowest percentage of seniors of all the Triad cities in 2010 at 11.5 percent, but a heavy Boomer contingent has already shifted those numbers. The Boomer population is set to double the number of seniors in this country by 2029, creating a massive pull on Medicaid and Social Security. Ten thousand of them retire every day, which means maybe some of the rest of us can finally get a crack at their jobs.

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