3. High Point

Liberty may be the longest continually running brewery in the Triad cities, since Red Oak pulled up stakes from Greensboro and headed for Whitsett. The lone High Point brewery has some companions coming soon, in the form of Brown Truck Brewing, which just announced plans to open in Uptowne this summer. And then there’s XII Tribes, which is due to open… soon-ish? But with one actual brewery and two theoretical ones, the Third City stays in Third Place.

2. Winston-Salem

As Foothills Brewing reaches its 10th anniversary in the Camel City, other players are starting to emerge. Hoots Roller Bar is making excellent craft beers in their space at the West End Mill Works. And Small Batch has redefined the genre by making designer drafts in limited quantities. Alas, while there may be rumors of new breweries in Winston-Salem, we don’t include them on this list until they have a name.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro is the current king of the brewery hill in the Triad, with the long-running Natty Greene’s anchoring an industry that’s begun to blossom. After Natty’s came Pig Pounder and then Gibb’s Hundred Brewing. With the anticipated March opening of Preyer Brewing on Eugene Street — and possibly a couple more in the works — the Gate City should have at least four breweries by the end of 2015.

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