3. Greensboro

It’s the largest of the Triad cities, with more people living in it, the biggest entertainment complex in the Greensboro Coliseum and perhaps the most complacent populace, which is why Greensboroans seem to travel between our cities with the least frequency. Ask anyone in town: There’s no reason to go anywhere else, unless you’re heading to the mountains or the beach. It’s right in the middle!

2. Winston-Salem

Jess Schell, interviewed in this week’s cover story, lays out the theory that people in Winston-Salem are more likely to come to Greensboro than the reverse, which rings true for us and gives the Camel City the second slot this week. But she also said that people are catching on to how cool Winston-Salem has become, and that the trend may reverse itself in the coming years.

1. High Point

Anyone who lives in one Triad city and travels with ease and regularity to the others we deem a citizen of the Triad, and by that measure we feel that the city of High Point, by necessity, likely harbors the most of them. Because the Third City has less in the way of amenities like entertainment and restaurants, its residents must often look elsewhere to spend some of their leisure time — and dollars.

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