3. Winston-Salem

Hard to justify Winston-Salem’s third-place finish this week, except to say that things seem to be working smoothly in terms of economic development, commerce and culture. Boring is good, we suppose, but “Everything going according to plan” is a terrible headline. It doesn’t help that they were late to the party when it comes to same-sex partner benefits for city employees, the last big city in the state to do so. See Jordan Green’s story on page 10.

2. Greensboro

The Gate City’s stock rises another couple ticks upon announcement of developer Dawn Chaney’s new project in the old Book Trader spot on South Elm Street, where local faves 1618 will be opening a small bistro with great nightlife potential. Read more about it on page 9.

1. High Point

High Point snares the top spot this week, not because the entire city council seemed almost bored by the prospect of street dieting and were outright hostile to a citizens’ party in the spot known as the Pit, but because in what looks to be acknowledgement of the culture passing them by, council members Foster Douglas, Becky Smothers and Mayor Bernita Sims did not file to run for re-election in the fall.

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