3. High Point

Everyone seems to agree that cars go too fast on Main Street, discouraging pedestrians and other sidewalk life. But no one on city council seems to make the obvious choice of dieting the street to create more friction (see High Point Journal on page 12). During a hearing last week, council members actually left the room before commercial-property owners on Main said their piece.

2. Greensboro

Okay, so Stone Brewing is a no go, and our city’s new slogan, #SoGSO got co-opted by Facebook before the official launch. But we did foreclose on Heritage House (see the editorial on page 10) and have committed to taking care of its residents as they search for new homes. We’ll see how that shakes out.

1. Winston-Salem

With new high-rise condo complex Plant 64 open for business, a chocolate factory in the works and a generally positive vibe, Winston-Salem is enjoying a blissful summer, almost like it’s in denial that Business 40, the main highway into town, will in the near future be closed for two years (see the news story on page 9).

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