3. Winston-Salem

With the Camel City still reeling from Heavy Rebel and a full Fourth of July weekend, we feel comfortable placing it third this week so that the other cities can get a turn in the spotlight.

2. Greensboro

There’s something brewing in Greensboro, involving former Mayor Robbie Perkins, nightclub impresario Rocco Scarfone and downtown nightlife. The announcement comes at a presser on Thursday morning, but we bet that Scarfone is once again using a former Greensboro mayor to push for bigger concerts downtown.

1. High Point

Even though it looks like outside interests own the most valuable real estate in the city, High Point ranks first place this week. The two are not unrelated. This week High Point finds itself the beneficiary of Jordan Green’s investigative lens (see page 15 for this week’s cover story, “Who owns downtown High Point?”). Our institutional memory goes back almost 15 years, and we cannot remember a piece of investigative journalism on this scale ever being published about High Point.

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