3. Greensboro

There have been just three bona fide murders in Greensboro since 2015 began, which sounds like a lot in comparison to the rest of the cities of the Triad, but is actually an improvement on last year, when 25 souls were slain at the hand of another. But to put it all in perspective, Chicago had 404 murders in 2014, about 20 per 100,000 people. At that rate Greensboro would have about 50 a year.

2. High Point

The Furniture City could easily end the year in First Place, as they hosted just four murders last year. But this year’s first High Point murder happened last month, putting them on a slightly faster pace than Winston-Salem.

1. Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem logged its first murder early Sunday morning when 48-year-old Agustino Rodriguez allegedly shot 54-year-old Genaro Bracamontes Mariche on Urban Street, then punched Mariche in the face. Sheer brutality notwithstanding, the single murder marks the best murder rate — by which we mean lowest — of the Triad cities. The city is on pace to reduce last year’s total of 15.

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