3. High Point

The smallest of the Triad’s Big Three trails the pack this week — not because the city contributes more than half of the operating costs of the High Point Theatre (see more in this week’s High Point Journal on page 12), but because the highest-grossing act in the last year was Jeanne Robertson, a Southern comic who makes Paula Deen look like Lenny Bruce. Check YouTube for her “Don’t go to Vegas without a Baptist!” bit.

2. Winston-Salem

The Camel City drops to the No. 2 spot this week based on an observation: When the Greensboro Coliseum took over operations of the Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum, we were expecting more events. But the March LJVM calendar has but two items: a stop on the Joyce Meyers Ministries tour and a Harlem Globetrotters game. Pretty weak, guys.

1. Greensboro

It’s not exactly default that puts Greensboro at the top this week. The Gate City has more events running this weekend, slightly warmer weather than its western neighbors and, as of press time, Eric Robert has not been kicked off the board of Downtown Greensboro Inc. So there’s that.

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