3. Winston-Salem

By necessity this week, Winston-Salem finds itself in the bottom slot. Not that the Camel City is particularly sucking this week, there’s just more going on in our other urban centers.

2. Greensboro

A healthy slate of events will do it every time, and this weekend Greensboro’s got ’em. The City Market on Thursday. The Carolina Blues Festival on Saturday. A true boutique opening on Sunday. Even the Camel City Thrashers roller derby team is having their bout in Greensboro this weekend.

1. High Point

But nothing tops the audacity of the High Point City Project, which sought private funds to bring back the city’s most useful critic Andres Duany. His ideas are getting pushback — perhaps the understatement of the spring — but at least some in the Furniture City have the sense to know what they need to hear, as unpleasant as it may be. See more about Duany’s most recent visit to High Point in this week’s Citizen Green.


  1. Your Greensboro based reporting staff missed out on one of the biggest events of Spring in the Dash. The below courtesy of Smitty’s notes. You may want to attempt some type of alliance with Smitty so that your paper can more fully cover the events & happenings in Winston.

    On May 16, 17 and 18, the Greek community is inviting everyone to its Annual Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church (435 Keating Drive, off of Country Club Road & Silas Creek Parkway). Here’s what’s on tap for the weekend: plenty of Greek dancing, informative tours of the beautiful church, and shopping at the Agora (Market Place), where you can purchase arts, crafts and other goodies. Speaking of goodies, the most important part of the festival in my opinion, is the F-O-O-D. And lots of it! Think: Gyros, moussaka, pastitsio, souvlaki and my favorite, spanakopita!

    The festival hours on Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is $1.00. You can also call in take-out orders from the event. Telephone: 765-FOOD (3663). Additional Info: Call 765-7145 or visit http://www.wsgoc.org/greek-festival

    • Hey Steve — yeah, I’ve been friends with Smitty for about 15 years, met him when I first started reporting in Winston-Salem. Unfortunately, he has a deal cut with the Winston-Salem Journal.
      As to our events, we get a few hundred press releases a week, and we curate a list from those events. Haven’t gotten anything from the Dash as of yet, though I did put opening day in the calendar last month. You ask why they’re not on our radar, I ask why we aren’t on theirs. But that likely has nothing to do with you.
      I bristle a bit at the “Greensboro-based reporting staff.” It seems like it was intended as a dig. But I have a full-time Forsyth County reporter who has been covering the beat for like four years. I myself have been covering W-S since 2000.
      I’ve covered this Greek Festival too. It’s better than the GSO one, in my opinion. And even though they didn’t send a press release to me, I will include it in the Weekender, our weekly email events blast. Normally I prefer to give the space to people who actually acknowledge our existence.
      You can send me the presser if you like at [email protected]. And thanks for reading and commenting.

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