Triad Power Ranking: May 14, 2014


3. Winston-Salem

By necessity this week, Winston-Salem finds itself in the bottom slot. Not that the Camel City is particularly sucking this week, there’s just more going on in our other urban centers.

2. Greensboro

A healthy slate of events will do it every time, and this weekend Greensboro’s got ’em. The City Market on Thursday. The Carolina Blues Festival on Saturday. A true boutique opening on Sunday. Even the Camel City Thrashers roller derby team is having their bout in Greensboro this weekend.

1. High Point 

But nothing tops the audacity of the High Point City Project, which sought private funds to bring back the city’s most useful critic Andres Duany. His ideas are getting pushback — perhaps the understatement of the spring — but at least some in the Furniture City have the sense to know what they need to hear, as unpleasant as it may be. See more about Duany’s most recent visit to High Point in this week’s Citizen Green.