3. Winston-Salem

Sorry Winston-Salem: Someone has to lose every week, and this week it’s your turn. But the city gets props because this weekend, the Camel City Thrashers introduced Jordan Green and Brian Clarey to men’s roller derby, a very different sort of competition. “The boys like to show off,” one Thrasher told us.

2. Greensboro

The city is filling in some of its downtown sprawl, investing in small, urban pockets in or near the center city with great success. This weekend’s opening of Nomad boutique, the retail arm of local clothing manufacturer Gaia Conceptions, in a formerly forgotten space behind the Westerwood Tavern. Look for the slideshow at triad-city-beat.com.

1. High Point

High Point takes the crown this week, not because city council fired downtown development coordinator Wendy Fuscoe while she was out getting coffee (ouch) but because of the public outcry, evidenced by activity the breaking news generated on our website. For the first time ever, we got more hits out of High Point in a 24-hour period than anywhere else in the country.

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