3. Winston-Salem

This week we’re looking strictly at the transparency of city government, informed largely by Jordan Green’s news story on page 9. Winston-Salem comes in last because of their jacked-up process that involves a Xerox machine. City Attorney Angela Carmon even tried to tell us that using digital files makes things take longer.

2. High Point

High Point is pretty good about pubic records, but not about day-to-day transparency. But it looks like the voters in the city are gearing up for this year’s city council election to instigate some change.

1. Greensboro

After Greensboro instituted a less than satisfactory procedure for getting reporters the documents they need for their stories, they got rid of City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Kahn and rebooted the entire system which, on paper anyway, seems like a much better deal. Nice work on this one, Greensboro.

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