2. Forsyth County

The plan was to rank the three cities of the Triad by voter-turnout rates in last week’s election. But, according to Charlie Collicutt, director of the Guilford County Board of Elections, those numbers haven’t yet been teased from the general data. No matter — we’ve got great numbers on the counties of Forsyth and Guilford, the only ones that matter in our little enterprise. And in this race, Forsyth comes in second, which is also to say it lost. But the turnout rate of 44.1 percent, just a hair above statewide turnout of 44.07 percent and well above the national turnout rate of 36.4 percent, is actually pretty good for Forsyth, which scored 42.55 percentin the 2010 midterm election.

1. Guilford County

Nationally, voter turnout was down from 2010, when 40.9 percent of Americans exercised their right. But overall, the state boasted higher turnout than in 2010, largely based on robust activity in places like Guilford County. With a voter-turnout rate of 46.43 percent, Guilford not only bested Forsyth, the cumulative average of the state and the nation, but also its own 2010 rate of 40.9 percent. It’s worth saying that Guilford consistently has better engagement than Forsyth just about every year.

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