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    Triad Power Ranking: Oct. 22, 2014

    3. High Point

    This week we’re ranking the cities by their respective LGBT Pride festivals, which just wrapped up for the year in spectacular fashion after same-sex marriage became de facto legal in the state of North Carolina. Alas, High Point once again takes last place, because they don’t currently stage a pride festival in the Furniture City.

    2. Greensboro

    Remember Greensboro’s Pride Festival, back in September? Neither do we. The fest suffered this year from taking place before the landmark Supreme Court no-decision, but it was still a modest affair based on national standards: a one-day party at Festival Park catering to about 1,400 people.

    1. Winston-Salem

    The economic impact of this past weekend’s Winston-Salem Pride Festival has yet to be tallied, but the weekend-long event featured an estimated 15,000 revelers, five marriages, a drag brunch-crawl and wall-to-wall live music. Bigger festival, better ranking.

    Brian Clarey
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