3. Winston-Salem

We’re looking broadly at the real-estate market in this week’s Power Ranking, with a specific eye towards purchasing a home. Winston-Salem lands at the bottom of the list with the highest median home price of $112,200, trending downwards. Good news for renters: At $800, the median rent is $50 lower than the metro area average.

2. Greensboro

In Greensboro, home prices are headed upwards, settling this month at a median of $109,700, about $91 a square foot. Rents are cheap, too — a median of $800 compared to the metro area’s $849.

1. High Point

If you’re only going to buy one house this year, consider High Point, where the median price of $102,100 is up 5.5 percent from last year but still at a Triad low of just $82 per square foot. Renters beware: Furniture City rents average $950, the highest in the Triad. It makes more sense to go ahead and buy.

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