3. High Point

In recognition of this week’s cover story about the short “Crooked Candy,” we’re ranking the cities of the Triad based in feature films shot within their borders. High Point ranks last, even though parts of Hellraiser 3 and Cabin Fever were shot there. Of the films shot in their entirety in the city, the most noteworthy are Elephant Sighs, with Ed Asner, and the 1987 film Critical Condition, starring Richard Pryor.

2. Greensboro

True, George Clooney was in Greensboro for Leatherheads, and War Memorial Stadium was used in Bull Durham, too. But the National Lampoon debacle Pucked, starring Jon Bon Jovi, cancels out the Gate City’s hopes for the top spot.


Winston-Salem takes the prize this week not because it has had the most films shot there, but because some really good ones were, including Junebug, which earned Amy Adams a nomination for an Academy Award in 2008, and Goodbye Solo, released the same year, which won Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. Unfortunately, because the state General Assembly is allowing tax credits for films to expire, there likely won’t be as much shooting around these parts.

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