3. Winston-Salem

We’re looking at the FBI’s Universal Crime reports this week, a national statistical analysis of crimes committed in every city in the nation, with a focus on violent crime. Winston-Salem, though not the biggest city in the Triad, had the most reported instances of violent crime in 2013 with 692. That puts it fourth in the state, behind Durham with 718, Raleigh with 804 and Charlotte/Mecklenberg with a whopping 2,455 instances.

2. Greensboro

The FBI considers murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault as violent crimes. Greensboro logged in just a hair under Winston-Salem, with 680 instances, 380 of which were aggravated assaults, more than half the total. Because Greensboro has the largest population, this is remarkable.

1. High Point

For all the talk of poverty and addiction in the city of High Point, crime stats seem rather sluggish for 2013. Of the 228 reported incidents of violent crime, more than half of them were robberies and aggravated assaults. The report lists just one murder for the 2013 calendar year in the Furniture City.

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