3. High Point

In recognition of April Fool’s Day, we’re ranking the cities of the Triad based on the amount of comedy clubs in each area. Thing is, there just aren’t that many comedy clubs in the Triad. High Point, for example, currently has none, though for a couple years they had a place called the Joke Factory in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel. People weren’t into it.

2. Winston-Salem

There are a lot of funny people in Winston-Salem, but just one club devoted solely to comedy. Laughing Gas, on Peters Creek Parkway, arose to take the place of the defunct Funny Bone, which closed unceremoniously a few years ago. Observation: Comedy-club names are terrible.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro has the distinction of housing the longest-running comedy club in the Triad, the Comedy Zone, a fairly straightforward stand-up room. There’s a full menu and fairly big-name comics coming through — they’ve got Tom Green this month and Jim Breuer in May. Greensboro also has the Idiot Box, an improv palace run by PhDs that’s anchored the corner of Elm and McGee streets downtown for more than a decade.

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