3. Greensboro

We’re ranking the cities by public swimming pools this week, which puts Greensboro at a disadvantage. The city has four public pools for its 280,000 or so citizens, giving it one pool for every 70,000 people — which means it could get pretty crowded. Details on pools at Lindley, Peeler, Warnersville and Windsor are available at the city website, but there is no admission information there. The Greensboro Aquatic Center, as an indoor facility, doesn’t count in this ranking.

2. High Point

With just two city-run pools within its jurisdiction, High Point beats Greensboro with one for every 53,000 people. Bonus points for waterslides at both City Lake and Washington Terrace, with even more consideration for the splash pad on Taylor Avenue. It isn’t technically a pool, but it beats running through the sprinkler. City Lake admission runs a cool $6, while Washington Terrace is just $1.25. See the city website for more details.

1. Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is the municipal swimming-pool capital of the Triad, with eight of them falling under the city’s purview. That’s one for every 30,000 people, which is not too shabby considering the competition, and two of them, Bolton and Kimberley Park, have spraygrounds — that’s a playground where water sprays on the kids — attached. Pushing them even further ahead of their peers, the city has declared that admission to all its pools will be just $1 all summer long.

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