3. High Point

Vouchers for the 2015-16 school year have come in, 5,078 of them for up to $4,200 each, and students in High Point have claimed 167 of them. High Point Christian Academy owns 57 of these vouchers, the most in the city, with Tri-City Christian Academy pulling in 44 and Wesleyan Christian Academy taking in 35.

2. Winston-Salem

Students in the Camel City unhappy with the public school choices received 190 vouchers, with Salem Baptist Christian School acquiring 52 of them in this way. Other top recipients of funds that heretofore would go to the public school system are Winston-Salem Christian Academy with 34, and Gospel Light Christian School and Woodland Baptist Christian School with 25 each.

1. Greensboro

Greensboro pulled in the most vouchers of any of the Triad’s Big 3, with 217 in total. Most of them went to the Greensboro Islamic Academy with 123, second in the state only to Trinity Christian School in Fayetteville, which took in 129. Third on the statewide list is also a Muslim school, the Al-Iman School in Raleigh, which accepted 101 vouchers. Vandalia Christian School had the second highest total in Greensboro, with 36.

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