3. High Point

We take interns here at Triad City Beat, part of our desire to pay forward what we’ve learned in the newspaper business, and also because we need them. We’re towards the end of our most recent intern search right now, and as of yet we have had no applicants from High Point. We’ve had just one in our short history, Zack Astran, who took on an investigative internship while a student at High Point University.

2. Greensboro

Our policy is to keep our interns for six months, long enough to get some real experience and a ton of clips, but not so long that we’re taking advantage. Our short intern list so far is heavy with Greensboro folks — all of our editorial interns have so far been Greensboroans. But so far there’s just one among this term’s applicants.

1. Winston-Salem

We haven’t taken on a Winston-Salem intern yet, but this season’s crop has three who call the Camel City home: students from both Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State, and a lifelong resident of the city. There’s still time — we’ll take application by Friday. But if you’re just hearing about this now, perhaps a newspaper internship is not for you.

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