I remember the first time I walked into the Nussbaum Center — full of hope, nervousness and a little fear. I was nervous about what I’d say in my interview, and if my writing skills would meet expectations. I was hopeful that my previous encounter with the senior editor and the publisher at the anniversary party would be enough to get me through door. When I left the interview, I was quite relieved, but my nervousness ballooned because I had to wait to see if I’d get the internship. A week later, they called me, said to attend the editorial meeting and gave me my first-ever assignment, thus beginning my time at Triad City Beat.
Becoming an editorial intern for me was something I never thought I would or could accomplish. My first experience in a newsroom was pleasant, with Jordan’s constant tapping as he typed a 1,500-word feature, and Brian’s boisterous and straight-talking personality breaking up the monotony of production day.
These things made my days, and solidified my choice to be a journalist. Triad City Beat was not only a good place to learn the basics of journalism, but real journalism. In four months I received a crash course on civics, professionalism and even beer culture. Journalism is all about informing the uninformed and uncovering the truth — the guys at Triad City Beat do just that.
As I begin my journey deeper into the world of journalism, I will cherish the memories and the lessons I learned here and apply them in all my future writing and reporting.

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