I would love to be able to share some poignant story with you that would explain my addiction to candy corn. But I honestly don’t remember how or when I came across the candy; I just know that I’ve always enjoyed eating it. And quite honestly I assumed that most people enjoyed the tri-colored treat as much as I did until I started publicly declaring my love for it. Next thing I know my friends are filling their social media feeds with memes detesting candy corn and creating polls to prove to me that no one likes candy corn except me.

I’m convinced that many of the people who claim to loathe candy corn actually have a bag hidden in their sock drawer right now and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay; you are free now.

All candy corn is not made the same. I tried a knock-off brand (aka anything other than Brach’s) and it took months before I could eat another piece again. It was awful I think the confection world took a big hit in the stock market during my sabbatical.

You will find that some off-brands may actually taste like wax and carry little to no flavor. But a true piece of candy corn will not taste like dye, will leave a sweet taste of honey on your lips, and has as much flavor as it does sugariness with every nibble. There’s just enough chew that screams freshness.

Believe Brach’s when they say that there is real honey in their little pieces. Take the time to eat one at a time, savoring each color. Enjoy the chewy sweet softness in your mouth. That is life, honey. Of course it can be too much if you eat 20. So can 20 shots of vodka, but you drink, don’t you?

Another thing — traditional candy corn comes in white, orange and yellow. Those other cutesy colored corns are not the same in color or taste. So if all you have to go by are those red-white-pink ones for Valentine’s Day or red-white-green ones for Christmas, you have not actually had candy corn.

And isn’t it obvious that something must be up with candy corn when other foods are starting to morph themselves into the cute little triangles?
I implore you, this holiday season give candy corn a chance, and let’s protest something we all can agree on like wax lips.

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