by Joanna Rutter

I instantly recognized Deidre James’ undeniably cheerful and warm voice from across the Green Bean a week or two ago. As I approached her at a table covered in magazine scraps, I couldn’t help but feel like a nervous fangirl. I introduced myself like a nerd as she cleaned up after a vision board party she had just hosted, and confessed my love for her podcast.

Turns out she is just as delightful in person as she is on her show.

Don’t misunderstand — that’s not to say her podcast, “Dee-Tales,” is a light and fluffy tour of trending topics. Sure, Queen Bey gets mentioned in almost every episode, and I’m not mad about it, but it’s usually a quick quip in a larger conversation about culture broken up by hysterical laughter.

James’ background is in TV and radio; upon reading her bio, I see that she’s interviewed Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t surprise me at all.

The show hits topics like racial profiling in neighborhood watch groups with humor and spirit: “There are prayer groups, donating water bottles to find lost pets, but if a kid’s playing outside and he looks at you the wrong way, lock him up!” I recommend not eating cereal while listening to the show, because you will hurt yourself.

Each episode tours through the week’s events and pop-culture moments at lightning speed. She’s joined by a rotation of friends to keep things interesting. Other favorite podcasts I listen to always feel like eavesdropping see “Ninjas Vs. Podcast, Reveal” and “Dee-Tales” is possibly the best conversation to listen in on.

Plainly put, Deidre James is a multi-talented, hilarious person we need to make sure stays in the Triad and blesses us with the sound of her voice forever.

So, if you’re looking for an episode to start with, the two-parter on “Carolina, Cam, Careers and Coldplay” is a good intro, which has a solemn and dramatic eulogy for Kanye tucked in there somewhere.

While you go do that, I’m gonna put on the latest episode and go work on my vision board.

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