by Eric Ginsburg

It took me a while to figure out what to order at Sweet Potatoes on my first trip. The Trade Street restaurant serves lunch Tuesday through Saturday and offers several things that sound pretty appetizing, including the dirty-rice salad a friend recommended. Despite the quinoa, mushrooms and dried cranberries, it felt wrong ordering something that didn’t come with a sweet-potato biscuit on my first trip. I nearly ordered Sweet Potatoes’ hot brown, a turkey sandwich with mushrooms and cheddar cheese sauce on a biscuit topped with crumbled bacon. What could be better? Almost nothing, except for the Hamsome. Put Brie on just about anything and chances are I’ll be all about it (including an apple sandwich at Camino around the corner in downtown Winston-Salem). The thin slices of ham, sweet potato biscuit and molasses Dijon mustard paired wonderfully with the Brie. I melted like the oozing cheese, love struck like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Someone take me back.

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