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Friday, December 6, 2019
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    VIDEO: Police body-camera video of Marcus Smith death in custody

    The city of Greensboro has released the police body-camera video of officers’ involvement with Marcus Smith, who died in custody after being placed in a controversial restraint known as hog-tying, or Ripp Hobble.

    You can review the video here. Warning: This video may be extremely disturbing.

    The city obtained a court order from Guilford County Superior Court Judge Susan Bray at 4 p.m. today allowing for the release of the video. City council members have reviewed the video in small groups.

    The city issued a press release at 6:49 p.m. on Friday indicating that city officials “continue to review the initial findings of the medical examiner’s report,” which listed the manner of death as homicide. The city also said that police Chief Wayne Scott “has elected to modify the application of the Ripp Hobble device used to restrain individuals, while police continue to review the use of this method of restraint.”

    The decision is a reversal for Scott, who as recently as Wednesday said the Ripp Hobble technique was safer than alternative methods of restraint.

    This story is developing.


    Jordan Green
    Jordan Green is the senior editor at Triad City Beat.

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