Wilson-Covington Construction
2700 Boulder Park Court, W-S

Wilson-Covington Construction Company has built commercial and residential properties across the Carolinas and Virginia for 77 years, priding itself in strong contractor-client relationships and high-quality results from a team effort.

“I believe that, due to the breadth of the company, that we bring more experience, expertise, and professionalism than a single owner-operator builder can provide,” says Hayes Wauford. Hayes is a licensed general contractor. His grandfather, Clay V. Ring, managed Wilson-Covington for decades before becoming the sole stockholder in 1995.

Wilson-Covington’s work is comprised of about 65 percent commercial projects and 35 percent residential projects, teaming with a collective of superintendents, project managers, subcontractors and architects. Their recent commercial construction projects include industrial expansion for Dubose Properties, South Atlantic Companies and Carolina Public Warehouse. Their grocery store clients include Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, ALDI, and Food Lion. They are also currently building several Sheetz stores across the state. According to Jimmy Hoots, president of Wilson-Covington, the organization required to execute these commercial projects enhance the company’s capability to handle residential projects.

“What we want to do is show that from our commercial understanding, capacity and structure, is that we can approach the residential jobs in such a way to give the customer a better experience,” he says.

Hoots also stresses that the company only targets custom homes and remodeling, specifically catering to the needs of the client and offering an individualized home construction experience.

“We do very specific, relationship-driven, construction for each homeowner,” he says.

Before construction begins, each client is met by a team of experts ready to meet their requirements. Wilson-Covington stresses that having designers, project managers and owners working together is at the core of the company, and these projects would be impossible to complete without that collaboration.

“That whole team aspect is the key to a good construction project,” Hoots says.

Once the addition or home is discussed, Wilson-Covington produces a general cost budget that meets the client’s capacity before an architect is asked to produce detailed plans. Designing within budget first instead of designing and pricing the project later allows for a smooth building process and avoids unexpected costs and frustration from the homeowner.

“If a real-world budget can be more accurately understood on the front end, then the architect can be more precisely informed and focused in their design for the owner,” Hoots explains.

According to Wauford, the materials and finishes recommended are products that stand the test of time, emphasizing the quality of the design and the company’s work.

“What we’re trying to do is put together that holistic package,” he says.

For the client’s convenience, the company is also able to do additions and remodels without displacing the home’s residents.

“If we’re doing a kitchen remodel, we minimize the downtime in their kitchen or we’ll set them up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in their home if that’s an available option,” Wauford says.

He continues, “The goal would be to allow them to continue using their home while the work is being done.”

According to Wauford, due to rising land costs, choosing to remodel or build an addition can be the best fit for many homeowners.

“If you’re building a new home, construction costs have certainly gone up since the pandemic. You’re going to experience the same construction cost on the addition or remodel, but you don’t have the purchase price of the land to deal with,” he says.

Hoots believes an addition or remodel is the best option for homeowners who are happy where they live, but need more space, or just want to update and modernize their home.

“If you’re in the right school district for your family, if you like your neighbors, if you like the location where you’re living, the remodeling aspect can give you the additional space you need without changing school districts and those types of things,” he says.

Whether it’s a residential build, commercial build or historic restoration project, Wilson-Covington Construction Company has completed them all with both durability and style since 1947.

“The longevity of the Company should give the owners that we work for a lot of confidence that Wilson-Covington is going to be here for them, not just through the end of their job, but years down the road as they need additional services,” Hoots says.

“We’re going to be here.”

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