My family lives for St. Patty’s Day.*

Okay, not really. It wasn’t until I was a grown adult and we went to the downtown Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day festival that we officially embraced the holiday as ours. (Black-and-tans, anyone?)

We amassed our collection of green-bead necklaces that day and have worn them on almost every St. Patty’s Day since. Nowadays, we have a tradition of wearing green, making a good Irish-ish meal, drinking Irish beer and whiskey (i.e. Guinness and Jameson). It’s been fun, but I started wondering: How can I support local businesses this year?

Fortunately, several Triad breweries make Irish-style beers. Some will be released at the breweries on St. Patty’s Day itself (next Saturday, in case you forgot), and some will have kegs floating around the area.

Although this list features mostly traditional Irish styles, I feel obligated to note that Natty Greene’s (GSO) and Pig Pounder (GSO) will be serving green beer. You know — if you’re one of those people who makes the holiday really gaudy. (You can pry my green beads out of my cold, lifeless fingers!)

Wise Man Brewing (W-S) — Outraged Daughters Irish Red, and a “super small batch” of Irish Car Bomb Stout released at the brewery on St. Patty’s Day, according to tap room manager Dan Rossow.

Hoots Roller Bar (W-S) — The well-loved Hoots Dry Irish Stout will be at the brewery and at several local restaurants and bottleshops, including Beer Growler, Single Brothers, Quiet Pint, Bull’s Tavern and the recently opened Fair Witness.

Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing (W-S) — Dry Irish Stout on Nitro and an Irish Red

Kernersville Brewing Company — The Irish Red Pour-Taste-Repeat (PTR) is back and will be at the Kernersville Lowe’s Food, Angela’s Ale House, Smitty’s and Breathe Cocktail Lounge.

Four Saints Brewing (Asheboro) — Upper Road Irish Red, and Black River Dry Irish Stout on Nitro. Word has it there might also be leprechauns.

Pig Pounder (GSO) — In addition to green beer, Pig Pounder will be releasing a “special cask” on St. Patty’s Day.

Gibb’s Hundred (GSO) — Although there’s no green beer or Irish styles here, owner Mark Gibb says the milk stout will be on tap, “which in our humble opinion is even tastier than a Guinness.” I must agree.

Little Brother Brewing (GSO) – Although not labeled an Irish dry stout, Jim’s Lunch Stout “fits perfectly into the Irish Dry Stout category,” according to brewer Steve Monahan.

Foothills (W-S) has its 13th birthday St. Patty’s Day weekend, and even though there won’t be Irish beer, you can help celebrate at the pub and tasting room.

By the way, Joymongers’ Barrel Hall and Taproom at 480 West End in Winston-Salem had its soft opening last weekend. Might wanna stop by for a taste?

*The name “Patrick” in Ireland, shortened, is “Paddy” and not “Patty.” Like true Americans, we bastardized the hell out of it.



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