102 JAMZ DJ Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin attacked a Winston-Salem State University student running for Mr. WSSU a few days ago on Twitter. In his tweets, which are still posted publicly, McLaughlin threatens to end his affiliation with the school if a student who dresses in drag is elected.Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 5.16.28 PM

According to blogger TransGriot, McLaughlin is one of an array of people criticizing junior Aaron McCorkle after photos of him in drag surfaced with the caption, “Is this what you want representing the entire school community?”

McLaughlin is a WSSU alum and has been a PA announcer at the school’s sporting events since 2005, according to his LinkedIn page. McCorkle, a mass communications major, is the president of Shaping Honest Advocates in Discussing Everything student club at the university.

A comment on the TransGriot blog post, allegedly from McCorkle’s mother, thanked everyone who supported her son and said that he is “continuing to move forward in spite of the hate.”

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McLaughlin and McCorkle could not immediately be reached for comment. Check back here for updates.


  1. I would like to say thank you to the individual who wrote this article to expose someone such as this man for embarking on a road that has caused my son to be placed in harms way. I did leave my comments on the first blog in reference to this situation pertaining to my son Aaron. While this type of exposure some may think is being enjoyed, it’s not because it is causing some to react in a hateful and vengeful way. I am glad however that through the things my son has had to endure, it may give a voice to so many young people like him and possibly save their lives. While I understand everyone has one and the right to their opinion, in this case it went overboard and has now turned into harassment. I love and support my son through everything and other’s need to understand that this individual who they really do not know, has a family who loves and supports him and these types of actions against him will not be tolerated. He is my son, I could care less how the world views him as because we all have a past but it does not dictate our future…let him live!

    Syronda McCorkle Armstrong

  2. Mrs Armstrong, you’re welcome. This injustice needed to be exposed.

    As Jane Vaughn said in her letter and I co-sign the sentiment, “I refuse to stand in silence. I stand in active solidarity with Aaron McCorkle and others at WSSU who are marginalized and victimized for being their authentic selves.”

    I stand in solidarity with Jane, Aaron and everyone who feels marginalized and victimized for simply wanting to be their authentic selves.

    Aaron did not deserve being harassed and abused because somebody wanted to win an on campus election so badly they were willing to destroy someone and cause dissension on the WSSU campus to do so.

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