by Joanna Rutter


1. Triad cities name the heck out of their main thoroughfares. Let’s mash the worst offenders up like an urban planning mixtape. Here’s an easy one. Shallowford Road + Country Club Road = Shallow Club Road

2. Both of these names sound like they came out of some lazy developer’s automatic street name generator. Might as well commit to it. Oak Summit Road + Shattalon Drive = Shat Summit Drive

High Point

3. Essentially forms a loop around the heart of High Point; five names for one functioning piece of road is unacceptable. Eastchester Drive + Westchester Drive + Market Center Drive + University Drive + Harley Drive = The High Point Loop


4. Westover Terrace + Aycock Street + Lovett Street = Ayoverett Street. By which I mean, way over it, as in, way over things being named after a guy called Aycock.

5. There is no way to justify this one north-to-south road being named five different names. There has to be a better way. Doggett Road + Yanceyville Road + Dudley Street + Bennett Street + Oxford Street = Bendogley Oxville Road

6. The worst offender on this list: Renamed for no apparent reason other than being the coliseum thoroughfare, it manages to be frustrating to visitors and locals alike. High Point Road + Gate City Boulevard + Lee Street = Leehigh Boulevard

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