6 new names for Triad streets



by Joanna Rutter


1. Triad cities name the heck out of their main thoroughfares. Let’s mash the worst offenders up like an urban planning mixtape. Here’s an easy one. Shallowford Road + Country Club Road = Shallow Club Road

2. Both of these names sound like they came out of some lazy developer’s automatic street name generator. Might as well commit to it. Oak Summit Road + Shattalon Drive = Shat Summit Drive

High Point

3. Essentially forms a loop around the heart of High Point; five names for one functioning piece of road is unacceptable. Eastchester Drive + Westchester Drive + Market Center Drive + University Drive + Harley Drive = The High Point Loop


4. Westover Terrace + Aycock Street + Lovett Street = Ayoverett Street. By which I mean, way over it, as in, way over things being named after a guy called Aycock.

5. There is no way to justify this one north-to-south road being named five different names. There has to be a better way. Doggett Road + Yanceyville Road + Dudley Street + Bennett Street + Oxford Street = Bendogley Oxville Road

6. The worst offender on this list: Renamed for no apparent reason other than being the coliseum thoroughfare, it manages to be frustrating to visitors and locals alike. High Point Road + Gate City Boulevard + Lee Street = Leehigh Boulevard