On Jorge's wishlist: a print of "Prince of Peace" by Akiane Kramarik.


1. Brian Clarey, editor in chief
I dropped some pretty serious hints last year about my desire for a pair of raw, selvedge denim jeans made from fabric woven at Cone Mills in Greensboro — a penchant developed from a cover story I worked on last year. I’m gonna keep talking about it until I get the pants, sized 32×34.

2. Daniel Wirtheim, editorial intern
Since walking into the sound chamber of Ember Audio + Video in Winston-Salem, I’ve dreamed of paying those guys to spend a few hours in my apartment designing and building the most amplified space in the Triad. I want speakers in the shower, on every wall and even coffee mugs, if they can do that. I want to feel the sound.

3. Jorge Maturino, art director
Two things I would like for Christmas this year would one be a print of “Prince of Peace” by Akiane Kramarik and a pair of hunting boots.

4. Jordan Green, senior editor
Vintage Thrift & Antiques in High Point has these great posters of High Point College’s 1971 homecoming with the Allman Brothers performing at Memorial Auditorium. Goose Creek Symphony, a band from my native Kentucky, was the supporting act. I keep repeating this to myself, marveling at how much cooler High Point must have been in the early ’70s: The Allman Brothers played homecoming at High Point College. But thanks to their relative obscurity and genius, Goose Creek Symphony really seals the deal. I have one of their albums, which I picked up at a used record store in High Point that is no longer open, incidentally. From their sound, one can surmise that the members of Goose Creek Symphony grew up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky steeped in the traditional string-band music of Bill Monroe, got turned on to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and LSD while attending the University of Kentucky, and decided to throw all of those elements together into a heady stew of fiddles and trumpets.

5. Dick Gray, marketing executive
I want a pair of orange high-top Chuck Taylor sneaks with black soles and a 10-day cruise with my family to Alaska.

6. Nicole Crews, columnist
All I want for the holidays is one of those grocery cart 5-minute, in-store shopping frenzies at one of two of my favorite Triad locations of Design Archives Emporium.

7. Eric Ginsburg, associate editor
I’d happily take anything on the food, booze or swag lists in the cover section. Some new art would be cool, and there’s no shortage of sweet pieces from the catalogs of Pixels & Wood in Winston-Salem or Heart & Craft in Greensboro, and I love the lively and colorful wildlife paintings of my friend Camilo Perdomo. But more than a bottle of gin or something to hang on my wall, I could really go for a massage. Lucky for you, Brian Clarey came up with a list of legit local providers (also in the cover story).

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