Locals are circulating a link to an article on a real-estate website that lists “30 things you need to know about Winston-Salem before moving there.” It’s expectedly predictable and a few items are repetitive, though I did learn one or two things (mostly about drinking). Maybe you will, too, and it’s nice to see credit given to things like Small Batch Beer Co.

It’s similar to the recent “10 things only people from Greensboro will understand” list, also by Liz Hester on the site, Movoto. The Winston-Salem list suggests a little more effort, partly because it doesn’t make the bizarre claim that the Greensboro Coliseum is better than its Roman predecessor. I won’t rag on the list too hard though — I am going to eat at Crafted now, as suggested.


  1. They’re both lame. In order not to be lame the reader has to FEEl something! That’s what makes TCBs editors & their content special. What Brian, Jordan, & Eric write doesn’t make me roll my eyes-ever.

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