v5JNHaGXoY77TO9nw8RRovAbAVDVXU_cyXBde7vJG3rAntvcHL05FL2vKYLSGv_2PGYaVKcP7Jutba0Se1VblxGKpBkQjmDn5hz6gDmgyQekhazqVy0FXaERLj95yQPLr1gXh3SdB-fmjLBwANkpdmGhSjXhDMI6Y_sLvg0=s0-d-e1-ft Amidst news that Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller is retiring at the end of August, the Beloved Community Center is calling for a new chief that supports a citizens’ review board of the department.

Miller — who will take the same post in Greenville, SC — implemented several reforms during his tenure but some community members said he didn’t go far enough to support real transparency and accountability. The nonprofit Beloved Community Center has been one of the department’s most vocal critics, helping to establish an independent interim police review committee.

In an email yesterday afternoon, the Beloved Community Center invited people to a public meeting at Bethel AME Church on August 7 at 7 p.m. to discuss the issue.

The Greensboro City Council created a subcommittee to look at strengthening the city’s existing complaint review committee. Critics have said the internal process is inadequate, lacks real teeth and is not independent enough. The council subcommittee, chaired by Mayor Nancy Vaughan, has canceled its next meeting scheduled for Tuesday.


  1. The Mayor, as one can see, via the Westerwood Neighborhood Association’s Newsletter, will protect the Master Race, that being the WNA Community Watch–and soon afterwards, some yahoo handy-man, also associated with the leisure class–served by the Sheriff’s Office right in front of the Greensboro Police Department. The city, however, bailing both of them out of it–one via WFMYNews2 and your taxes, who just so happened to “catch” Stuart Davis–around the same time she was on the run from the GPD, herself–and apparently a lot faster than Stuart Davis: as if her life depended on it, that I can assure you (via her case number @ the courthouse the lower classes can pester Barger about, although you’ll have to get past all that city money, first).

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