Inez Tuck, the nursing dean at NC A&T University, said today that the temporary suspension of enrollment in the school’s undergraduate nursing program won’t impact plans for the joint downtown university campus.

The UNC Board of Governors recently voted to temporarily suspend enrollment in the program based on students’ pass rate on a licensing exam, but Tuck said “there was never an intent to have undergraduate students” as a part of the downtown campus.

The joint nursing venture with UNCG, GTCC and Cone Health — now known as Union Square Campus — will be located at the corner of South Elm and Lee streets in downtown Greensboro. It is one of several major developments slated for the city’s core.

“The Union Square Campus discussions will continue and the planning will continue as they are currently proposed,” Tuck said. Instead, she said Union Square will “be an opportunity for us to expand what we already offer” through other nursing programs including an accelerated second-degree program and an RN/BSN completion program.

The Greensboro Partnership is planning to ask the state to invest $8 million in the Union Square project “over the next several years” including an initial $2 million requested in the General Assembly’s short session this year, according to a memo from interim City Attorney Tom Carruthers this week.

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