Barometer: Best holiday to drink on?


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If you feel strongly that Christmas, Memorial Day or something else should be on here instead, tell us why in the comments. We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.



  • Eric B

    Come on folks – Mardi Gras day!

  • I really enjoy how Election Day is off to a strong start.

  • Hannie

    Thanksgiving Day! It’s my personal tradition to start the day off (that’s right–from the moment I wake up) with a coffee stout or porter. Keep a minimal buzz going the rest of the day to reduce the stress of cooking/eating, etc. Sleep it off on Black Friday. Helluva way to start the holidays!

    • And let’s not forget the most momentous event of the day, streamed into living rooms across the country every year.
      That’s right: the American Kennel Club Dog Show.

  • Nikki

    I voted fourth of July. There are no real expectations. You are not required to make plans with “Great Aunt Beatrice” (ie extended family), the outdoors/fireworks is most always a part of the fun, fireworks (c’mon!) adult beverage(s) out of doors-during daylight hours, children are considered part of the fun (not the purpose for the gathering nor a detractor from adult interaction). I am looking forward to it already!