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Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. What’s your favorite local comic book store? Tell us why in the comments, and we’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.


  1. I think the triad is loaded with great comic shops. I own Ssalefish in WS so obviously my opinion is swayed BUT I am happy to see some many great places thriving.

    • Brett and his staff are keeping the shelves Full at Silas Creek Crossing in the Same manner as the Former tenants.. The first being Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find 2nd Comics Express and 3rd Comics to Astonish!!

  2. The triad is a great place to be a Comic Lover!! I manage both of BurkeStreetComics locations which are owned by
    Mary K Staley
    ( my Wife )
    I’m gonna put in an Absentee’ ballot for the Guys at
    Classic Comics in Lewisville Nc
    StormCrow Comics in Archdale
    ComicConspiracy in Ashboro &
    ComicMonstore in Salisbury
    But I’m sure you guys know who I’d like for ya to vote for! :D

  3. Gotta LOVE BURKE STREET COMICS!!! Great new location (just a couple doors down from old locale) for a great shop! Ryan knows his comics! Yea, he’s my son, I claim him! Went to the W-S Comic Con sponsored twice a year by Burke Street Comics, at the WS fairgrounds last Saturday and had a ball! Found some old Nancy & Sluggo comics and a great Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Print! I may be partial, but I’m a old comic fan, where do you think he got it!!! Go Burke Street Comics!

  4. I’ve been reading comics for 40 years now, and I’ve yet to come across a better store than ACME Comics in Greensboro. Superior customer service and these guys have a love for comics.

  5. I vote for Burke Street Comics. BUT I don’t know how to vote because there is no place to put my vote!!

    • When u click on voting there’s a little bubble to the left. Click on the one by BSC If u try to vote again it’ll tell u that u ready voted!

  6. As someone who patronizes pretty much all the stores, I can say, the Triad is loaded with good stores. My subscription is at Parts Unknown, I do business Ryan and Burke Street, and Tim and Classic Comics. The guys at Stormcrow, and Monstore are also good. And Jeff at Comics Conspiracy has a great old store. Can’t wait to visit the new store in Greensboro and meet those folks. Support comics and your local shop!!

  7. Brett is the triad’s expert in comics and collectibles. I’m amazed at what he continually discovers and passes on to his customers. Ssalefish is also great for the collecting community because of days exactly like today, Free Comic Book Day and 70,000 $1 books for sale!

  8. Ssalefish Comics is the best. They are extremely helpful. They have old and new issues, obscure and reprinted trade paperbacks. Not only do they sell comics, they have Funko pops, action figures, and all kinds of other little goodies. They also have great deals. Free Comic Book Day feels like Christmas there.

  9. Acme Comics in Greensboro is the best! They are so knowledgeable, true fans, and are always on top of current trends. I love the feel of the shop, too.

  10. I have been in the WS shops and 2 of the gbo ones this week. Ssalefish (funny name) had the most key back issues: hulk 181, early spiderman, original xmen 1, daredevil 1, exclusive store variants, batman 40 from this week and just too many to list. All the shops and workers were nice (in Burke, acme and parts unknown) bi Ssalefish just had the books that matter. My wallet was $1500 lighter when I left. lol.

  11. WS and gbo are my stomping grounds and I have shopped in all of these stores except Dimension. I will get there eventually. Out of the other four stores, I think they have their own strengths. I voted for Ssalefish because they just seem like the most REAL comic book store on the list. I don’t want to insult the other ones but if all but Ssalefish fell into the sea, I would be ok with it as long as nobody got hurt.

    • Other shops are not Real Baxter? Your a funny guy…. Or wait are you real?? And Eric G that picture is from StormCrow Comics which is right across the line between High Point and Archdale I put a Absentee’ ballot shout out to them in one of my first posts…. As to the caption with it I can’t say….or won’t you decide!

  12. I voted for Ssalefish because it’s the best. Bret has gone out of his way to find things for my son.There was a comic a few years ago that my son couldn’t find anywhere, but Bret tracked it down for him. The shop is clean, well organized, and the employees friendly. You couldn’t ask for a better place to shop.

  13. It is great that there are so many comic stores in the area and I have shopped at many of them, but I have to place my vote for Ssalefish. Bret has grown a great business since he opened his store, and I’m constantly impressed with how successful he has been. I love the atmosphere of the store, and don’t think I’ve ever walked out of there without spending some money…

  14. Thanks a lot for the votes everyone! Ssalefish will continue our hard work to live up to the title of Best Comic Book Store in the Triad!

  15. Cough *bullshit* cough 159 votes don’t make you best….just means no one knows about this tiny article……

    • You’re right that this isn’t a scientific poll, but I will point out that this poll has more than 1,500 views, meaning that a pretty considerable number of people are aware of it.

      Also I think it is totally hilarious how worked up comic-store owners and comics readers are about this poll. There’s no award, no money, no translation into revenue, etc. This is just a poll to gauge our readers on different issues every week. We’ve already moved on to a totally different topic, but some of you are still on this.

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