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  1. Not only is Justin Outling an amazing person and perfect for the job, he is also passionate about Greensboro and seeing our community succeed. He has a proven track record of stepping up and getting things done. This same initiative paired with the investment he has made already in numerous roles proves he is committed to the work and available to the people.

  2. “Mike Picarelli is a consistent conservative businessman who believes in keeping taxes as low as possible to find core city services. He will be very careful with the tax payers’ money. Mike is a committed family man who understands and practices the values we believe in. I think he would be a very good member of city council. Tony Wilkins would have a valuable ally in Mike Picarelli.” – Representative John Blust

    “I serve alongside Michael Picarelli on the Human Relations Commission. He has the empathy to know what needs to be done and the knowledge to know how to get it done. He leads the Education Committee and is my choice for District 3.” -Lindsay Burkart, a Greensboro Commissioner

    “I am supporting Mike Picarelli for City Council because of his passion and his enthusiasm. I think he will work hard to make sure that our voices are heard. He will listen to all view points and do the best for our district and our city. ” -a Greensboro teacher

    Let’s pay it forward to the residents of District 3 and for the City of Greensboro. Small steps in a new direction can lead to great outcomes. The biggest issues we face in government are a lack of transparency and humility; even on a local level. Michael Picarelli is a humble family man and well known friend to many in Greensboro. He has been a long time home owner in the district where his wife teaches and his two children also attend school. In terms of transparency, Picarelli was the former Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party where he opted to not run for re-election to focus on issues specifically affecting Greensboro. He currently serves on the GSO Human Relations Commission where he plays a role on the citizens review board. His resume is extensive and each role has required a high level of transparency and unbiased consideration. While most candidates are out furiously raising money, Picarelli has opted for a more conservative approach. While still actively fundraising, Michael Picarelli is also focusing on meeting with the residents of District 3 and hearing their thoughts and concerns. He prides himself on being a fiscal conservative and a huge proponent for economic development and growth. As a businessman with a career in marketing, he is ready to “sell” Greensboro as the city of opportunities for businesses by helping streamline the screening process and making it easier to become established.

  3. If I lived there, the correct answer would be none of them.

    While Outling did make history by being the first black person to represent a white district, the fact that his employer represents the city has conflict of interest written all over it to the point that Outling has to recuse himself from various votes and would likely continue doing so if he’s elected to a full term.

    Given Picarelli’s past, he was the Republican establishment before tea party crazies took over the county party. The bright spot was when he told tea party bloggers to get over themselves in 2011 when they wanted to recruit one of their own to take on Zack Matheny because they got tired of the swing vote on a right-leaning council (of course, Picarelli’s move paved the way for a nonconformist to Zack’s left to enter the D3 race).

    As for Collins, since he backed the Carroll-Yon noise ordinance, he loses my vote on that account alone since that attempt was nothing more than a power grab by the city’s elites to control downtown when it was the artists who were largely responsible for the center city’s revival.

    In short, Outling and Picarelli are both diehard establishment figures through and through. Meanwhile, if Collins had gotten his way, downtown Greensboro would largely be for the well-connected and off-limits to the creative community. Greensboro needs some creative people on City Council, not a bunch of folks who are connected to the old guard.

  4. Kurt Collins is the face that District 3 needs. His countless hours speaking to the citizens in this city and effort to help them is unmatched. He is a true candidate with by-partisan views. I have spoke many times with him and believe with support from his district, the issues within our city can be helped. He doesn’t have the money baking him like another candidate in this race that works for the law firm that represents the city. That’s what’s wrong with politics in this country, candidates are fed from the hand that feeds them, and must vote on issues that benefit the financial backer with the “big bucks.” It’s a conflict of interest, and I know Mr. Collins is not about that.

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